Chaos Runner 3D Description

Dash through a world of chaos! Evade dungeon traps, unlock new levels, upgrade your abilities, and challenge high scores! Think you have what it takes to top the leaderboards?

Chaos Runner 3D Features

-Random gen - never replay the same level!
-Stunning graphics, epic gameplay
-Three unique levels, difficulty selection
-Coin shop for character upgrades and mods
-Achievements, leaderboards, iap, cloud saving
-Music credits: Just Alune

Chaos Runner 3D Controls

-Tap and hold inside the "move" area to move
-Tap on the "jump" button to jump
-Tap on the "bomb" button to destroy all objects
-Tap on the "slow" button to toggle slow motion
-Log in with Google to save and load progress

Run through oblivion!
How long can you survive?

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